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Lisk SDK – Chain Module events

I was exploring the SDK to see how to implement my current idea (a Transaction Scheduler for Lisk), and I stumble upon the fact the events are not really verbose on their own nature. So I opened an issue :

When I subscribe to the chain module for an event such as chain:transactions:confirmed:change, I received the transactions as an argument, but I don't know if those transactions are newly appended or on the contrary have been poped.

I suggest we either add a second parameter to the event to state "appended" or "poped" (I don't like this option but it's a solution), or we add two new events to better describe what happened.

This is required to have a reliable view of blockchain evolution, otherwise we have to store a block height on the listening part, and that's dirty work.

Turns out they are well aware of it and plan to make everything more consistent in the future. And they are not joking about this, they produced a map of chain module events :

If you are a developer yourself, feel free to contribute to the discussion by sharing your needs on the current active issue about this very topic.