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Lisk network and DPOS law enforcement

We recently learned that the Steemit blockchain has been taken over by some exchanges. This kind of manoeuvrer is unacceptable. It’s against everything blockchain is about.
Stake power is given to exchanges by users who let their fund on the exchange’s wallet. It’s very likely that some malicious exchanges will try to withhold user’s token to keep their sit in the DPOS consensus.

To make sure this kind of takeover never happens to the Lisk network, I suggest Lisk delegates announce a law against exchange delegates. If an exchange gets a sit in the consensus, he will be banned and its assets destroyed as a punishment. This would be permanent. This only measure will suffice to discourage any exchange trying to take control of the network.

Massive attack could be done by exchanges to get enough sit at once so they prevent this from happening, but simple countermeasure such as “only 1 delegate can enter the top 101 per round” will give forging delegates enough time to detect the exchange and burn it to the ground.

I believe the simple threat of it would dissuade any exchange to perform such attack over the network, but we should get ready as soon as possible.


It seems exchanges didn’t want to go against community’s will, and will withdraw their positions. We will see if they actually proceed, but we can already take a lesson from what just happened : every system has its limits.