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I’m now candidate to a forging position.

About me

  • Winner of Lisk.JS 2019 contest – Photo of the event
  • Lisk Mobile contributor – Discreet mode via 3D Touch
  • Lisk SDK contributor
  • Author of Featchain PoC
  • Author of Lisk Bike PoC (gen 1)
  • Community Hero, May 2020


  • Share 10% of rewards
  • Allocate 25% of my working time to Lisk
  • Write software for 15 years, 10 as a professional
  • Live in Paris, France
  • Help developers on Discord

Projects as a delegate

Once I reach a forging position, I’ll be able to develop projects I presently have no time to develop.

Lisk Transaction Scheduler

This module will allow you to add a scheduling layer to your app. By extending the provided transaction you will be able to send a transaction that will be executed later.
The first part is to implement the custom transactions that will come with the module. The mechanic is clear in my head, code can be thrown at the IDE.
The second part is the service layer, the module per se. This part requires some exploration on what is the best way to achieve, but already have some ways in mind.

Lisk Node Sentry

This one already has its own blog post in preparation. I want Lisk Node Sentry to become the de facto solution for node monitoring. Written in JavaScript, the language of Lisk, this software once install on your nodes will be able to detect faults, trigger alerts and make automatic switch. With the future DPoS mechanism to come, LNS will implement a reliable way to switch forge node. I also want to publish a docker image of LNS to allow you to deploy easily with docker-compose.

Lisk API extension

At the time of writing if you want to allow the frontend to fetch data, you have to work with what currently exist, or create a module for it. Lisk API extension module will allow you to create new endpoints to embed semantics ( /lastPackageDeliveries instead of /transactions?type=666&recipient=6778456L&fromTimestamp=1465465456&toTimestamp=1668876465&order=desc), but also easily provide custom complex queries to answer endpoints, instead of the default ones. You will be able to make joins with other tables to provide more meaningful API calls.

SDK pull requests

I can only make small pull request on the SDK or documentation at the moment, it takes a lot of time and the effort required to explore the source code is time consuming. Becoming a delegate will enable me to contribute so much more !

Lisk Agora

My favourite project by far. Lisk Agora is a dapp to manage public organizations but also to collect the wisdom of the crowd. You can think of Aragon & Augur with a bit of Steem in it. This project takes a big place in my heart. Blog posts will follow to view the full extend of the ambition.

And more …

I’ve given up on keep track of all my ideas for Lisk as I have so many that comes to mind when I’m working on it. This website is new, I’ll now share my thoughts here, and turn them into code if I can.

Vote now

My delegate name is jesusthehun

I now need your vote to reach the top 101 so I can unleash my willing to contribute into the Lisk ecosystem. Vote for me today.